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I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.
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I know I call out a lot of men I don’t know on here because of how they treat me - cat calling, grabbing, trying to kiss me as they walk by (not even joking)

But for the record, the guys I know and see all the time–peers, friends, trainers, bosses, etc. are pretty cool and treat me with an insane amount of respect. In fact here are the things I hear on a regular basis from them:

- “You’re the boss.”

- “Be the boss.”

- “Keep up with Caitlin.”

- “You better not be doing pushups from your knees. You’re capable of doing them on your toes.”

- “You’re a beast.”

- “You make the decisions.”

And I think that’s awesome.

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See, this is an example of using photoshop for good.

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